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 my view of 1 1 3 lane style, why dont we try?

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PostSubject: my view of 1 1 3 lane style, why dont we try?   Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:41 pm

in sentin.
a pusher go top, a ganker go mid, 3 other heroes go bot (with stuns, disable and slow, one of them may be a carry or semi carry. it depends on what scourge picks).
for bot 3 heroes each one buy, chichen , chicken receipt, and ward put in bot rune place.
for mid the ganker buy bottle control rune. if the ganker is above lvl4, and also get a invi or haste rune, ganker should gank immediately.
pusher should watch out, they will go top to gank you. so play savely in top stay near tower if possible. also, the pusher need buy a tip, if all enemies push a lane, you should tip to help defense the tower. the pusher should stay top at least lvl 8, then you can switch lane to push or help team mates to gank.
3 bot heroes, one of them go pull. they can find a chance to kill bot enemies, when enemies pass the river.
the carry should focus on farm, farm very very very hard. sometimes help team fight, remember dont forget to buy the tips.
good players are more likely to win the game. however, pick a better team will have more chance to win the game(if no noobs in both team)
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PostSubject: Re: my view of 1 1 3 lane style, why dont we try?   Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:25 am

Pros do this more often then some would think. I have done it several times before and it went well usually. infact greenteaa and I decided that we would do that next scrim.
well it will be a little different but still 3 in a lane.

it will be a copy of a MYM strat
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my view of 1 1 3 lane style, why dont we try?
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